Perfumes, flavors, diligence and tradition

the Cooperative

The cooperative was founded in 1979 to provide an aggregation service to many manufacturers citrus and vegetables in the area of Palermo, but now extends its interest in all over Sicily, becoming an important hub for the connection between the Sicilian producers, retail and general markets of various Italian and foreign cities.

In the early nineties is among the fi rst to sense the potential of organic and sustainable agriculture thus becoming a reference point for the availability of this type of products. Today in the basket of farm products we can include lemons (femminello Syracuse), oranges (Group Navel, Valencia, Tarocco and ovals), the tangerins of late Ciaculli and Nocellaro, seedless Clementines and Nova, potatoes (Spunta, Nicola, Everest) both white and yellow paste.

Our products are packaged in various types of carton packaging, plastic and plywood, both bulk and packaged, with free weight or weighed. Transportation of goods is entrusted to leading companies in the trucking industry so as to guarantee the speed of delivery and product freshness.

The administrative structure is lean and fast in managing all operations to support the marketing of products. In addition to organic certifi cation, guaranteed by Ecogruppo Italia, we are certifi ed Globalgap and controlled by Bioagricert.

Our products

Organic Farming

Since 1998, the land is cultivated by the method of organic farming (Reg. 834/07) All guaranteed and certifi ed by the Inspection and Certifi cation “Ecogruppo Italy” that guarantees the origin and authenticity.

Quality system: In order to meet the growing needs of food security and environmental protection, the company adheres to the Global Gap Protoccolo defi ning good agricultural practices (G.A.P. - Good Agricultural Practice) regarding the essential elements for the development of best practices (best technical) applicable to farms, crops and products of the land, farms. All guaranteed by the control Bioagricert.


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